Company Profile

Honest, Affordable, Reliable.



Umiyaji Web Solutions serve wide array of hosting solutions from small business to large enterprise.Our mission is focus on promote our clients products and services and create new business for them. We believe to meet customer needs with high quality output with excellent service support.

Technology focused

We are focused on our core service provider market. Our hosting infrastructure is perfect for web developers, small to medium sized organizations, resellers and IT professionals who demand technical excellence.

Customer Focus

Every customer is an opportunity to deliver excellent service. Its just good business sense to make sure our customers are always happy.

Efficiency and Innovation:

At the heart of our operations lie the principles of backend automation and efficiency. We pursue this goal while being mindful to ensure we keep a balance with warm and personal customer service.

With a wealth of Technical Experience, a Reliable Infrastructure and Top-Notch Customer Support is a company you can trust when it comes to selecting your Internet presence & e-Business ventures.