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Data Lost? File Currupt?

Is your data file curreptted? Have you lost your important and Critical Data due to any of following reasons? If answer is Yes, We help you to recover your data is in any format like document file, spreadsheet file, presentation file i.e. world, excel, power point file, zip rar archive file, jpeg gif tiff psd image file, acrobat file etc.

  • Accidental file folder deletion
  • Hard Drives that have been fdisked or formatted by mistake
  • Forgot to take backup before delete or format
  • File folder damage due to computer viruses
  • Data damage due to a power failure or power surge
  • Software program failures
  • Corrupt or missing critical file system structures
  • Harddisk partitioning or system boot-up problems
  • Data damages due to water or other chemicals
  • Hard disk Mechanical Failure
  • Master boot record damage
  • Corrupted file allocation table (FAT), NFTS system
  • Lost due to application crashes
  • System improper shutdown
  • Corrupt Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, PowerPoint)
  • Any corrupted database files like dbf, sql, mdb ect

Offer Data Recovery from....

We offer lost data recovery services. Our data recovery technicians recover lost data even from following conditions.

  • Maliciously Virus infected, crashed formatted, physically damage, head crash, system crash
  • Data corruption, erasure, fire and flood disasters of hard disk
  • Permanent deleted files or folders
  • Zero 0'Bad track floppy recovery
  • Make new partition without format hard disk
  • Screeched damage CD recovery
  • Removable media, USB Pen Drive Data Recovery
  • A laptop that fell into water
  • Systems damaged by power failures, surge
  • Charred RAID arrays burnt by fire
  • Crashed disks due to mechanical failure
Data Recovery supports dozens of operating systems including DOS, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 2003. Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 2012, Novell, MAC, Any Linux or Unix flavour.

Virus Problem? We clean your system.

There are billions of viruses, trojans, worms, malwares, badware, spyware in circulation today and thousands of generating per hour. Many are harmless, but the few that harmful can cause to destroy data in seconds. Computer viruses are one of the most dangerous predators to company's priceless data. Viruses can instantly render data or entire servers inaccessible to its users. Our technicians will then evaluate the damage caused by the viruses and create the best solution for your particular situation. You will be sent a laboratory report and quotation detailing the damage found, the time needed to recover the data, and the cost..

Umiyaji Data Recovery Services

Our dedicated specialist teams of hardware, software and systems engineers ensure that we provide the most professional and successful data recovery service possible. Umiyaji Data Recovery Services has the expert technicians, knowledgeable customer support staff and laboratory facilities to solve your disaster recovery crisis quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our own experiences and industry sources tell us that 90% of the time, data can be recovered - no matter what the problem. We have the knowledge and expertise to recover data from all types of media and operating systems.

Useful Tips

You will not be charged for your initial recovery consultation. No two situations are the same. Our helpful client services representatives will determine the events leading to your data loss, and will advise you of your recovery options. Umiyaji Data Recovery Services has data recovery services to accommodate all your recovery needs. Email us at info@umiyaji.com to have any concerns dealt with quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

Data recovery utilities may harm your files if not used correctly. Please consult us before running any proprietary or commercial software. These utilities can decrease the chances of a successful retrieval of your information.

Data Recovery process at Umiyaji

Hardware arrives and the diagnosis starts: Once your media has arrived at Umiyaji, a customer service representative will contact you immediately. Our qualified electronics engineers will then diagnose the problems related to your media. A comprehensive report will be completed with a firm estimate of the cost involved in recovering your data. We will fax & e-mail this report to you as soon as it is available. One of our customer service representatives will contact you shortly after to discuss these details and determine the next steps.

Procedure: We use imaging to provide a replica copy of the disk on another storage device or to our network, where specialist software engineers can extract the data from the file system or data format. By only ever working on a safe or clone copy of the original system, we ensure that we can always return to the original media if necessary.

Reality: This evaluation consists of diagnostic and bench tests on the corrupted media to determine if data actually resides on the device, the extent of damage, the probability of extraction of data files, and the length of time required to perform the entire data recovery attempt.

Why Choose Umiyaji for Lost Data Recovery Services?

Trust Umiyaji, the leaders in Data Recovery for over 10+ years. The decision of who to trust with recovering your valuable data is crucial because a failed recovery attempt can lead to permanent data loss.

Fast, Cost Effective & Confidential: Complete recovery turnaround, including analysis and recovery, is usually 24 hours. XInfoTech Data Recovery has the specialized equipment and expertise needed to recover data lost from mechanical or electrical drive failure. XInfoTech's trained technicians will ensure the safety and integrity of your drive and allow us to repair mechanical and electrical problems in-house.

No Data, No Charge: That's right! Should we be unable to retrieve your data after the authorization is given, there is no cost to you except for the courier costs and rush fees (if applicable). XInfoTech has a "No Data, No Charge" policy and while we can often retrieve data already deemed unrecoverable by others, we do recognize that there are some situations we simply cannot fix. At Umiyaji whatever the situation, whatever type of media, we can help. No matter what your data loss crisis may be, XInfoTech Data Recovery Technologies will turn your data loss crisis into a managed, common sense experience with cost effective results. Please select from the menu on the right which service you need. a quotation for the data recovery process. ONLY AFTER we have your approval to proceed does the data recovery work begin.