Abuse Terms and Conditions

Our Abuse Terms and Conditions


Below are terms that can suspend your account due to abuse on our servers.

Please remember you are on a shared server and everyone is entitled to the server resources. This is a guideline for the users of shared hosting solutions at Umiyaji and we will work with you so that you are not in violations of these terms.

CGI Scripts
Any scripts that pose a potential security risk or are deemed to be adversely affecting server performance or network integrity will be shut down or will be automatically removed without prior notice. Umiyaji does not permit CGI script sharing with domains not hosted by Umiyaji or any scripts that may be abused for UCE purposes.

Unlimited Hosting Space/Bandwidth
Our shared and reseller hosting accounts do come with unlimited hosting space/bandwidth. But we start each account with a set limit but as you needs grow, simply contact us to request additional resources and we will increase it to whatever you need. This new plan allows us to create more efficient use of our servers and provide better, faster, and more efficient hosting for our customers. Please note hosting space is intended for hosting and not intended for online backup, storage device for multimedia content such as movies, music, photos, or other media. Any use of our hosting service in this manner will be considered a violation of our terms of use and will result in automatic suspension of the hosting account without any prior notification.

Software Distribution
Umiyaji Web Hosting and Ecommerce accounts are not configured for the purposes of distributing software and/or multimedia products. This includes but is not limited to file sharing, torrents, warez, and pirated material.

Multimedia Files
Multimedia files are defined as any graphics, audio, and video files. Umiyaji Web Hosting and Ecommerce accounts are not to be used for the purposes of distributing and storing multimedia files. Any Web site using the space for storing multimedia files will be considered violating our terms of use and will result in deletion of such files and/or automatic suspension of the hosting account. Web Hosting accounts come with a limit of 10,000 files per account. Each block of 10,000 files after the initial 10,000 will incur an additional charge of Rs.1000/month.

Any database stored on Umiyaji Web Hosting and Ecommerce servers will be limited in size to 10% of the initial quota setup allotted for that particular domain's plan/web hosting account.

We always schedule backup of our server configrations, users website regularly. However, to keep website, database & email backup is sole responsibility of client & website owner. We are not responsible for damages due to any data loss in any manner.

CPU and Memory Limit
All accounts will be only allowed to use 10% of cpu and memory and can not exceed a session longer then 10 min. This includes all database uses, email, cron jobs, and any FTP sessions.

Email Limitation
Outgoing emails are limited to 200 per hour or 2000 per day whichever is reached first. This limitation is per hosting account.